Sucker Literary Magazine Issue 1

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We are excited and proud to announce the first issue of Sucker Literary Magazine, Voices from Emerging Writers of YA Fiction.

Sucker Literary Magazine is a PDF document. Readers can download the magazine from our blog and read it on their computers. This is a rather large document and may take 5 minutes. So sit back with your favorite sucker lolly and relax while the deliciousness downloads. Click here to begin download.

*No part of the magazine may be copied (digitally or print)  and distributed without permission. If you are a school or library and wish to print and copy this for your collection, please email the editor for permission at: suckerliterarymagazine@cox.net

Click on the image above to download.

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3 comments on “Sucker Literary Magazine Issue 1

  1. I’m utterly and completely in awe…super job, Hannah, Sucker Staff, writers, artists, and everyone involved…amazing. ;) Absolutely adore the cover!

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