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Alyssa (SUCKER’s executive art director) and I had a “create-as-we-go” approach to the first volume of SUCKER, with regards to both artwork and story submissions. Our vision was of bold, engaging stories and artwork with an edge…that include a lollipop.

Artists should review our first volume, the information on the website, and be inspired to create something for us.

The other approach we are taking is: when we finalize our story submissions, we want to send some of them out to artists that we are familiar with to see if they can create something to go with a specific piece. We give ample time to the artists for this process.

In either approach, it is best to send us samples of your work, either that you create for us or that you already have, and then we can work with you (if we feel that we are a “match” in style).

Please contact our art director Alyssa at suckerartsubmissions@gmail.com

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