Putting my money where my mouth is…

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So… just after I wrote the previous blog entry, I received a lovely tweet from Jo Harrison  about a low cost way to get Sucker into proper e-book format so that we could get a wider distribution through the various e-book channels.

When Jo came back to me with the quote for reformatting I thought, well I have to do this. I mean it’s so inexpensive, and I need to give Sucker the best possible chance to be seen. After all, why did we all work so hard?

So I did it. Now, when it came to set a price for the e-book version, I was going to keep it free (see my reasons in the previous blog entry), but then I realized that whatever monies come in, I can put right back into more things for distribution and marketing, without the worry of using my own funds. Maybe this really isn’t a big deal. Perhaps I was overthinking it a bit (I tend to do that, see my personal blog for more on that topic).

Where we are right now with this whole Sucker, free thing is, you can get the first issue on our site in PDF form for free. If you want to read it on an e-reader, SMASHWORDS has it available for $2.99. All monies will go back into the magazine and hopefully allow us to grow!

Please consider supporting the growth of SUCKER and purchase an e-book version at SMASHWORDS. Click here for the link.

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