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Hello Sucker Fans and Friends!

We are hard at work on volume 2 of our literary journal, working through our copyedits as the new year approaches. We anticipate that this volume will be published in March 2013, available in both print and digital versions. It’s been a long journey to find these 9 suckerlicious short stories—we had hundreds of submissions, including an additional Open Door Day on October 1 that brought us another 50 or so. Now that we have found these suckerlicious delights, we are dying to share them with you all and are very excited and proud to publish such amazing work.

We have also made a minor change in our reading period for volume 3. Our reading period will open on March 1 2013 and close May 1 2013. We strongly urge you to purchase and read a copy of volume 1 and 2 BEFORE you submit. Any submissions received before March 1, will be deleted.

For now, click around on this blog to read about us, learn what we like to publish, and our philosophy about writing and mentoring.




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