Inspiration in the form of Mid-life Teenage Angst…

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Among my YA writer peeps, most of us readily admit that our atrocious teenage years are the inspiration for our work. For me, it’s those painful but funny (only when I look back, of course) moments that I find cathartic (in a kind of sick way) to write about. Continue reading

On Giving Feedback

We writers are very sensitive about…well, everything : ) But mostly, we are sensitive about our work.  And that’s why when we give one another feedback, we need to choose the kindest approach.

I prefer a certain approach when giving feedback. This approach was further reinforced by Meg Kearney to me when I was a student at Solstice: When faced with having to criticize another writer’s work, choose kindness over harsh criticism. What this really boils down to is tone, use a kind tone when responding to a writer’s work. Continue reading

Clarification on guidelines.

Alyssa (SUCKER’s executive art director) and I had a “create-as-we-go” approach to the first volume of SUCKER, with regards to both artwork and story submissions. Our vision was of bold, engaging stories and artwork with an edge…that include a lollipop.

Artists should review our first volume, the information on the website, and be inspired to create something for us. Continue reading

SUCKER, free (get it?)

from the editor

Why we are free.

Recently on Twitter we engaged in a brief discussion on how to get SUCKER more widely distributed, which also included getting it “live” in bookstores. In some private emails, the staff has offered some suggestions about how to make this happen.  All of the suggestions required funds. Yep, go ahead and try to think of a way to get us more widely distributed and I guarantee that when you get to the end of the thought, money will be involved. Continue reading

An interview with Hannah (Editor/Founder)

A Sucker writer interviews Hannah on the Hen&ink Literary Studio blog, Hen&inkblots. Click here to read!

Also, our first issue has arrived, and we want your comments!

So, click here to begin the download. Sit back with your favorite lollipop, as it will take about 5 minutes.

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Sucker Literary Magazine Issue 1

We are excited and proud to announce the first issue of Sucker Literary Magazine, Voices from Emerging Writers of YA Fiction.

Sucker Literary Magazine is a PDF document. Readers can download the magazine from our blog and read it on their computers. This is a rather large document and may take 5 minutes. So sit back with your favorite sucker lolly and relax while the deliciousness downloads. Click here to begin download.

*No part of the magazine may be copied (digitally or print)  and distributed without permission. If you are a school or library and wish to print and copy this for your collection, please email the editor for permission at:

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Press Release




Contact: Tanya Whiton

[Chestnut Hill, MA January 2011] The Solstice Low-Residency MFA in Creative Writing Program of Pine Manor College is proud to announce the inaugural issue of graduate Hannah Goodman’s new digital literary journal, Sucker Literary Magazine, to be published on January 23, 2012. It will be available on the magazine’s blog

Sucker Literary Magazine is a platform for intelligent, adventurous writers who create compelling, authentic young-adult literature that both adults and teens can enjoy. The first issue features 13 stories written by 12 writers. Sucker editorial staff and contributors hail from all over the continent (Canada and the U.S.). Submissions for the magazine’s second issue are being accepted between February 1 and May 1 2012.

Hannah Goodman (Winter ’11) is represented by Erzsi Deak of Hen&ink and is the author of three young-adult novels, including My Sister’s Wedding, which won the first place award for 2004 The Writer’s Digest International Self-Publishing Contest, children’s book division; My Summer Vacation, winner of a bronze IPPY in 2007; and Fear of Falling (2009) which was praised by readers and teachers for tackling subjects like homophobia and coming out.

As an undergraduate institution consistently ranked among the most diverse in the country, Pine Manor College emphasizes an inclusive, community-building approach to liberal arts education. The Solstice MFA in Creative Writing reflects the College’s overall mission by creating a supportive, welcoming environment in which writers of all backgrounds are encouraged to take creative risks. We strive to instill in our students an appreciation for the value of community-building and community service, and see engagement with the literary arts not only as a means to personal fulfillment but also as an instrument for real cultural change.

Directions to Pine Manor College, complete bios of our authors, and more information about the Solstice MFA in Creative Writing Program can be found at