The Story Behind The Story: Claudia Snow Classon’s Angels and Serendipity

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Claudia Snow Classon, author of “Angels and Serendipity”

Last summer I learned that having a second story accepted by SUCKER entitles an author to a whole new level of editorial support. While most literary magazines merely offer a perfunctory assessment of one’s latest blood, sweat, and tears opus, SUCKER ups the ante by providing en suite one-on-one overnight collaboration. Upon meeting our esteemed founder and Editor-in-Chief Hannah Goodman at an undisclosed country inn (well, sort of chain hotel), I learned that she had planned a vigorous co-editing session for our evening together.  Dressed in our PJs, we burrowed under the blankets of our (separate) beds with warm laptops and tepid tea.  Hannah proceeded to verbally blue pencil my story while I, one step behind, made edits and corrections.  Ideas like feather pillows bounced from bed to bed and by the time it was “lights out” we had plumped my story into a comfortable shape.  And for my efforts, I received a mint on my pillow.   Thanks, Hannah, for the awesome “bediting” session!

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