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We want to make an official welcome and introduce Sucker Literary fans to Joseph Lee of Wolf&Fox Design Studio! Below is just a brief look into the many talents of our Joseph Lee. He also has acted as a YA lit advisor to Sucker Literary and as a reader. We are so lucky and happy to have him as part of the Sucker Literary family!

SL: What’s your day job?
JM: You’re looking at it! I (very!) recently left my long-time job as a systems administrator and resident linguist at a Minneapolis translation firm to develop Wolf&Fox. I have been doing graphic design and web development for many years, and I finally have the freedom to pursue this, which is very exciting and also intimidating!

SL: How did you find us? Through our illustrious agent, Erzsi? And what made you want to work on SUCKER?
JM: I met Hannah Goodman through our mutual literary agent, Erzsi Deak at Hen&ink Literary. SUCKER’s focus on gritty YA reeled me in; I don’t pull my punches when writing, so I really love fiction for young adults that doesn’t hold back, either.

SL: You are a writer and artist. Tell us about what you write and how long you have been writing.
JM: I tend towards sci-fi/fantasy for young adults and lean toward experimental short fiction for adults. I’ve been writing novels since I was fifteen – they say you have to write one million bad words before you start churning out the good stuff, so my plan was to hit one million early! :) My current projects are all in the Western category, with some historical and some science fiction/Weird West.

SL: How did you come up with the ideas for the NEW SUCKER site? Multiple chat-meetings with Alyssa and I. . . AND . . .
JM: SUCKER’s personality is pretty evident through the work that is published in the anthologies, so I had plenty to work from, there, but brainstorming sessions with Hannah and Alyssa was crucial, too. I knew I wanted to do something playful, but with an edge – I wanted to keep it real but still give it a surprise pop of energy when it came to color, which resulted in the “hidden” mouseover colors throughout the site. The logo is based on a sucker (obviously!) but I wanted to bring it down to earth a bit with the type.

SL: Who is your favorite YA author and/or book(s)?
JM: I really love Scott Westerfeld’s LEVIATHAN series, mostly because I love alternate histories and steampunk! Laura Lam’s PANTOMIME and Elsie Chapman’s DUALED also come to mind. I am traditionally a spec-fic reader, so I really love a great sci-fi or fantasy.

SL: Favorite SUCKER story from volume 1 or 2.
JM: I was quite taken by Mima Tipper’s WAITING FOR ALICE from volume one – maybe because it was the first story I read in the SUCKER anthologies, but ever since, it’s always stuck in my mind. There are a few from the upcoming volume three that I liked quite a bit, but I won’t spoil the surprise :P

SL: Favorite flavor SUCKER lollipop?
JM: Sour cherry!

Wolf&Fox offers outstanding graphic design and web development services and are especially equipped and excited to work with artists. The studio launches July 1, 2013, and can be found online at www.wolfandfoxdesign.com. Joseph can be contacted directly at joe @ wolfandfoxdesign.com or on Twitter @wolfandfoxmn and Facebook.

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  1. Cool interview, y’all, and way-pumped for Joseph and his SUCKER connection, as well as for his exciting W&F endeavor. I also appreciate the love for …ALICE–thanks:)

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