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Due to the volume of submissions and time constraints of getting closer to putting together volume three, we do not offer feedback for submissions received on Open Door Day. As you know if you have been following our blog, I (Hannah, founder) put a very high value on our submitters and try to be conscious of letting folks know why their piece wasn’t accepted. Please know that your story was read by me and at least two other readers, and that we have taken great time and care in making these decisions. 

If you’d like to know (generally) why a piece isn’t accepted, check out these previous blog posts:

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And most important of all, see our submission guidelines:

Submission Guidelines

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2 comments on “OPEN DOOR DAY DECISIONS 2013

  1. If our submission was not accepted for issue three during your open door day, does that mean it was not right for your publication at all or can we still submit it for the next issue?

    • If you received a rejection from Open Door Day, it could mean that your story had potential but wasn’t quite there yet OR that it wasn’t right for us. Feel free to email me (suckerliterary@gmail.com) if you’d like to know which category you fell into so that you can decide if you’d like to submit again. We do welcome resubmissions if the writer has made significant changes to the piece. Thanks!

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