The Story Behind The Story, “If It Rains”

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If It Rains was inspired by a deeply personal experience that, at almost 32 years old, I am still not comfortable talking about.  Although I began writing this story as a way to deal with my own raw emotions that still linger from my high school days, I completely made up all of the characters and the setting, because this story isn’t about me; it’s about being pressured.  And anyone can be pressured at anytime, into drinking, bullying, doing stupid stunts, anything a person doesn’t feel comfortable with.  Alexandra suffers serious mental and emotional repercussions after being pressured and giving in to that pressure, and even begins to feel as if she can no longer trust herself.  I know her experience is realistic, because I experienced much of her pain myself.  I guess you could say I wrote this story to remind us all to have the confidence to stick by our own decisions and trust our guts, and to respect the decisions that others make for themselves.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this story with us, Kristina. It’s one of my favorites in Volume 3. By sharing your past hurts, it allows all of us to open our own hearts up a bit more and take a peek at the pains we’ve been hiding from for so long too. I know I need to remember to do that frequently, or they’ll all build up inside. Thanks for offering readers a safe place to put all the feels. :)

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