The Story Behind The Story, “How To Fall”

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“How to Fall” is a deeply personal story for me. I never reached the point in my dance career where I considered going professional, I never auditioned for Joffrey or ABA or wanted to go to Julliard, but I always found passion in dance, a kind of release that comes only from art. It’s the ability to close your eyes and be somewhere—someone—else entirely. I also know what it’s like to live in the shadows, always trying to be seen, always trying to be more than just myself. Alyssa’s journey of self-discovery is as symbolic as it is literal. Find the person who will catch you.

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One comment on “The Story Behind The Story, “How To Fall”

  1. This story is another of my favorites from Volume 3. I love that Alyssa has someone there to catch her even when she’s not sure it’s what she wants. I’m lucky to have people like that in my own life, and reading “How to Fall” reminds me to say thanks to them (and give ’em big hugs).

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