6 Questions for Mary Malhotra, author of Superpower

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1. You’re a teen again and call your MC (from your story in volume 3) on the phone with urgent news: What’s the news and what is his/her reaction?

Here’s how the phone call would sound from my side:

Guess what, Dana? Ms. Heller’s toasted! The parents are all on your side. They think the accident was her fault, not yours… Why would I call you if I hated you?… You didn’t ruin Ms. Heller’s life. And Niki just has to get better…  Girl, you are spending way too much time home alone. You should totally come back to school.

 2. We are making a short film of your story, who plays the lead character?

Has to be Shailene Woodley. After starring in Divergent and in the upcoming TFIOS, I know she would get Dana.

 3. If you were hired to co-author a book with a best selling YA author of YOUR choice, who would you choose?

Let me answer this question with a list.

Things I would volunteer to co-author with John Green:

a YA novel
a short story for Sucker
a Post-it note

4. Describe your weirdest writing habit.

I’m super sensitive about anyone looking over my shoulder while I write, but when I’m revising, if I change one word on a page I read it aloud to everyone I know:  ”What do you think? Which way does it sound better?”

5. Which character in the classic teen movie The Breakfast Club bests describes you in high school?

It’s got to be Carl the Janitor. Remember when he tells the Breakfast Club, “I look through your letters, I look through your lockers. I listen to your conversations, you don’t know that but I do. I am the eyes and ears of this institution my friends.” I’m not sure what Carl did with all his observations, but I was obviously taking notes to help future me write YA fiction!

 6. What’s the best part about being a member of the Sucker family (so far!)?

Sucker is a labor of love start to finish, and when you become a part of it you really feel that love! It was a long road to get here, but positive Sucker vibes kept me from losing heart and the editorial feedback has been fabulous. My story is twenty times stronger (and half as long) as it was the first time I thought it was “done.”

To read Mary’s story in volume 3, click here.

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