How I Found Sucker, Evelyn Ehrlich author of “The Chemistry of You and Me”

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Years ago, at my first SCBWI conference in LA, I befriended Lilliam Rivera, a sassy and very fashionable YA writer. We kept in touch and saw each other every summer at the LA conference, where we’d share our small successes and cheer each other on. Fast forward to this fall, when I caught a tweet from Lilliam that Sucker had an open call for submissions. It was a sign. I already had THE CHEMISTRY OF YOU AND ME written. I sent it in. A few weeks later, I got “The Email” from Hannah Goodman, editor extraordinaire, that my piece had been accepted for publication. Woo hoo! I tweeted about it, of course. And that’s when Lilliam revealed that she, too, had a story forthcoming in volume 3. It really was fate that we’d take this journey together and wind up published at the same time, in the same anthology. So now we’re not only friends, we’re also Sucker family.

Evelyn Ehrlich author of “The Chemistry of You and Me”, Volume III, click here.


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