Inspiration in the form of Mid-life Teenage Angst…

* the following post is simultaneously published on the editor/founder’s blog*

Among my YA writer peeps, most of us readily admit that our atrocious teenage years are the inspiration for our work. For me, it’s those painful but funny (only when I look back, of course) moments that I find cathartic (in a kind of sick way) to write about. Continue reading

On Giving Feedback

We writers are very sensitive about…well, everything : ) But mostly, we are sensitive about our work.  And that’s why when we give one another feedback, we need to choose the kindest approach.

I prefer a certain approach when giving feedback. This approach was further reinforced by Meg Kearney to me when I was a student at Solstice: When faced with having to criticize another writer’s work, choose kindness over harsh criticism. What this really boils down to is tone, use a kind tone when responding to a writer’s work. Continue reading

Clarification on guidelines.

Alyssa (SUCKER’s executive art director) and I had a “create-as-we-go” approach to the first volume of SUCKER, with regards to both artwork and story submissions. Our vision was of bold, engaging stories and artwork with an edge…that include a lollipop.

Artists should review our first volume, the information on the website, and be inspired to create something for us. Continue reading

SUCKER, free (get it?)

from the editor

Why we are free.

Recently on Twitter we engaged in a brief discussion on how to get SUCKER more widely distributed, which also included getting it “live” in bookstores. In some private emails, the staff has offered some suggestions about how to make this happen.  All of the suggestions required funds. Yep, go ahead and try to think of a way to get us more widely distributed and I guarantee that when you get to the end of the thought, money will be involved. Continue reading

And Now a Bunch of Words from Our Art/Layout and Design Director

Like most of you, my time is limited by the many responsibilities in my life. .. I have been squeezing in moments for SUCKER…Yesterday, I spent an hour trying to get a photo of me with a sucker lollypop so I can include it in the magazine. And then the other day after work, I sped off to Purgatory chasm to a get a shot for one of the stories…the road was closed, but I knew I had to get the photo. So I parked and I ran to edge of the cliff and there was a man there, and I thought I was going to get abducted! But I had to get the photo! In 4.5 seconds, I got 100 photos…and then I raced to pick my kids up from school…I couldn’t sleep that night knowing I did not get the best shot and thinking of the next story I can match a photo to…

This has been a great opportunity for me. I get to photograph, which has become a passion in my life, a side a me that I haven’t had a chance to explore in the last nine years…

I’m having fun. When Hannah came to me with this idea, I was shocked and surprised. I had no idea she had been brewing this in that head of hers, but I knew if anyone could do this, Hannah could and I was thrilled when she suggested I come along for the ride.