Submissions are currently closed.


*WE PUBLISH YA FICTION ONLY. PROTAGONISTS NEED TO BE 14 TO 19 YEARS OLD. We do not publish excerpts from novels or pieces that have already been published. 

Word Count
Submissions should be no more than 10,000 words  (and even that’s pushing it). We currently do not publish flash fiction and prefer a word count of  at least 1500-2000 words as a minimum.

Standard manuscript format is required, 12-point font (Times or Times New Roman), double-spaced with one-inch margins all around. Please put the page number, your last name, and title of entry in the top right corner of each page. Attachments are required and MUST be labeled with the title of your piece. Please send your work in a Microsoft Word document. NO PDFs. Please do not send your work in the body of your email.

Send submissions to:
Subject line in ALL CAPS: SUBMISSION.


  • A brief summary of your story (3 sentences).
  • A brief bio (no more than forty words, please.).
  • We do not accept pieces that are previously published.

HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR WORK: Once you have properly formatted your submission, send it as an attachment to suckerliterary at gmail dot com


  • Only one submission per author per issue. Also, we do accept submissions that are going out to other publications. However, please let us know this when you submit.
  • We no longer accept novel excerpts.
  • We do not publish flash fiction or poetry.
  • Sucker is both a print and e-book literary anthology, and all authors retain FULL rights to their work. Multiple submissions are fine (and expected!). We do not accept work that has been featured elsewhere.
  • We currently do not pay our writers or staff members but hope to some day soon.
  • Sucker‘s founding editor also happens to have a (several) day jobs and is a parent, so please be patient while we read your submissions. Expect a response within four months. Then you can start harassing us (and by us, I really mean me).
  • Sucker will be increasing its staff and is always interested in talented writers and artists willing to assist (donate your time) with editing, layout, and design. Feel free to email us:  suckerliterary at gmail dot com
  • Sucker WILL NOT publish anything that is gratuitously violent, homophobic, or hateful. So don’t even try it.


We do not mentor at this time.


More information about what we publish and how we make our decisions:

How We Make Decisions

What We Want From You

Nine Things To Know Before You Submit

So How Long Will This Take? 

Revise Before You Submit, Please!