A Spectacular, in-depth review of Sucker Literary, Volume III

Take a look at this latest review of volume III and you will see that we are the best in short YA fiction.  Sidebar—if you are reading this, Christina, who is the reviewer, please submit to us on March 16th, 2015. Personal invitation. Your writing is crisp and clear and delightful. y have 24 hours to submit. March 16th, 2015, 12 am through 11:59 pm.


Below, just a sample of this review, which goes through each and every story:

“The H8TE” by Lilliam Rivera

Sixteen-year old Sarah prepares for her first day of school by chaining up her Mamí in her bedroom.

Chills. CHILLS. This is gritty, dark, dangerous. It is matches and switchblades and things gone wrong. Everything gone wrong, in fact. And it’s a knockout story for sure. A virus known as “the H8TE” has been spreading in Sarah’s region, infecting people and turning them into feral shadows of their former selves. And Sarah’s mother has it and is slowly crumbling before her eyes. The desperation and grief wrapped up in this is achingly human and universal despite the obvious science-fiction element. It’s full of panic, blind white panic that left me shaken. This story plummeted and soared in zigzags that made me heartsick and hopeful. It was spellbinding in a razor-sharp, tragic, brutal way. There was nothing it barred from me, nothing it avoided colliding with. This story fell apart in front of me and I loved it.