6 Questions With Kimberly Kreines, Author of Black Lacey

1. You’re a teen again and call your MC (from your story in volume 3) on the phone with urgent news: What’s the news and what is his/her reaction?

The phone rings. Brenn picks up.

Brenn: Hey.


Brenn: Oh my God, my ear.

Me: I passed! I can drive!

Brenn: Thank, God because the twins are about to push me over the edge, I swear to you. Get me out of here.

Me: Okay, yeah. Okay, I can do that. I’ll just drive over in my car with my new license. And I’ll pick you up in my car with my new license. And then we can go somewhere in my car with—

Brenn: Just do it already!

Me: I’ll be there in fifteen minutes.

Brenn: Thank you.

Me: In my car with my new license. (I giggle/squeal as I hang up.)

2. We are making a short film of your story, who plays the lead character?

This is a great question. I’m a very visual writer. As I wrote I had a vision of Brenn in my head, so I know exactly what she should look like: short-ish with long brown hair and a crooked smile. But Brenn is really more about what’s inside than what’s outside. She’s such an introvert. Most of what she struggles with happens under the surface while she is busy faking it for the rest of the world, so I would want an actress who could really capture that. I think Ariel Winter (Alex Dunphy from Modern Family) could do the job. Ariel has the ability to hold emotion behind her eyes, and that’s what I see Brenn doing a lot.

3. If you were hired to co-author a book with a best selling YA author of YOUR choice, who would you choose?

First you should know that I don’t play well with others. Never have. So I have a really hard time thinking about co-authoring anything with anyone. But that being said, even I can admit that it would be insane to pass up the chance to work with a best selling author. So my answer is John Green. He wrote, among others, two of my favorite YA books: An Abundance of Katherines and The Fault in Our Stars. His writing is magical. It has the ability to transport while keeping one firmly planted on the ground. He writes some of the best dialogue that I have ever read and he has developed characters that are as real as many of the real people I know. I would want to write with him because (very selfishly) I think I could learn a lot from him.


4. Describe your weirdest writing habit.

Hmmm, this is a hard one. Hard because I think I have a lot of weird writing habits (though I’ve never watched another writer write, so I guess maybe my habits are completely normal – or not). One thing I do is change my writing location with each chapter. Every time I finish a chapter I move from one chair to another. I usually write from home, so one day I’ll sit in my couch, another on the floor, the next I’ll stand at the kitchen bar, and the day after that I’ll curl up by the fireplace or sit at the dining room table. Moving around like that helps me mark my progress. If I’m in one location for too long that means I’m stuck on a chapter and I need to figure out something deeper that’s not working with the story.

5. Which character in the classic teen movie The Breakfast Club bests describes you in high school?

None of them. The truth is that in High School I clung so close to the straight and narrow that I would never have gone outside my box enough to learn something in that detention room that day. I would have been the kid who did exactly what was asked. Diligently and without question. And I would have wanted my essay to get an A++. I wouldn’t have cared that the rest of the room was learning an existential life lesson – I wouldn’t have even noticed, I would have been too busy revising and rewriting. Also (read huge goody-two-shoes) I would never have gotten a detention.

6. What’s the best part about being a member of the Sucker family (so far!)?

The support. No question. It is amazing to feel like there is someone out there who cares as much about my story as I do. Thank you, Sucker for everything you do, you’ll never know just how much difference you really make.

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How I Found Sucker, Kimberly Kreines, author of “Black Lacey”

I found Sucker as a staff reader first. I enjoyed reading all of the submissions for the first two issues and decided to submit for volume three. My experience working on both ends has been phenomenal. The staff is supportive of the writers, and I can tell by all the enthusiasm and hard work involved that Sucker does its best to promote the writers as well as each volume. I feel very fortunate to be one of the writers in volume three.

– Kimberly Kreines, author of “Black Lacey” volume 3