6 Questions With Lilliam Rivera, Author of The Hate

 1. You’re a teen again and call your MC (from your forthcoming story in volume 3) on the phone with urgent news: What’s the news and what is his/her reaction?

This is easy. The call would go something like this:

Me: Where you’ve been hiding? I’ve been looking all over for you. Is your Mom feeling better?

Sarah doesn’t respond.

Me: They’re giving away the anti-H8TE shot. Free. I’m serious. Free! It’s all on the hush. Underground. You’ve got to get in on it. It’s your only protection from the virus.

Sarah doesn’t respond.

Me: Are you listening to me? This is your only chance.

Sarah: It’s too late.

2. We are making a short film of your story, who plays the lead character?

The lead character would be play by this up and coming New York actress Yainis Ynoa. She starred in this amazing independent film Babygirl, and she can play both tough and tragic.

3. If you were hired to co-author a book with a best selling YA author of your choice, who would you choose?

My choice would be Matt de la Peña, author of Mexican WhiteBoy, We Were Here, I Will Save You, and his latest The Living. I recently interviewed Matt for The Rumpus.net and I feel we have the same sensibilities. He writes compelling male characters that usually hail from California. He has a great sense of dialogue. Although my young adult characters usually are from the east coast, I feel they are coming from the same world.

4. Describe your weirdest writing habit.

There was a time when I would write only on the hour. If a minute went by, I would not start until the next hour but that was just me procrastinating. I don’t have any weird habits except to sit in my chair everyday for two hours and write. No matter what. Even if I only end up writing one sentence.

5. Which character in the classic teen movie The Breakfast Club best describes you in high school?

This was my high school uniform: black shirt, black jeans, and heavy black eyeliner with my bangs covering my eyes. I was definitely “The Basket Case” played by Ally Sheedy. I wasn’t as much of an outcast as she was. I could blend in with most of the different cliques but I definitely looked like her

6. What’s the best part about being a member of the Sucker family (so far!)?

The great part is working together with other young adult writers. Everyone is working to do his or her part. We are all lovers of the genre and it shows.

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How I Found Sucker- Lilliam Rivera

I found out about Sucker Literary through twitter. Someone in my timeline posted how the journal was looking for young adult submissions. It’s been a great experience. The editors work really close to make sure you are putting out your best work. They’ve worked closely with me to make this story as strong as possible.

Lilliam Rivera, “The H8TE”,  Volume III, click here.


The Story Behind The Story, “The H8TE”

My inspiration behind the story came from a newspaper article I read when I was young on how these parents chained up their daughter because they believed she was possessed. That article always stayed with me and because I’m a zombie fan, I thought it would be an interesting twist to have a teenage protagonist forced to take care of her zombie mother.

-Lilliam Rivera

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