How I Found Sucker, Mary Malhotra author of “Superpower “

My super supportive family helped me find Sucker. My son and his wife Mia (a published poet who is an experienced citizen of the world of literary journals) gave me a birthday card including advice on great journals to submit my work to — and Sucker was on the shortlist. Meanwhile, my mom (and fellow SCBWI member) pointed out an SCBWI article featuring Sucker and editor Hannah Goodman. I got my hands on Volume 1, devoured it, and knew I wanted to be part of the Sucker family! I can’t say enough about the wonderful feedback Hannah and her amazing team give, whether your story is almost there or almost-almost there. Even if a story is rejected outright — I’ve been there too — the feedback makes it not like a slap in the face but rather like an invitation to keep working.

-Mary Malhotra author of  “Superpower ”

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The Story Behind The Story, “Superpower” by Mary Malhotra

When I’m not writing, I tutor students who have to stay home from school for weeks at a time for health reasons. I empathize with how hard it is when they go back to school. In junior high, I was absent for three weeks after a tonsillectomy, and I felt like the whole school was talking about me and judging me when I came back. I had to wonder, how much worse would it have been if I had actually done something to cause my own absence, something terrible I couldn’t forgive myself for?

-Mary Malhotra, “Superpower”

To purchase volume III, click here.